domingo, 22 de setembro de 2013

Beirut Jam Sessions - Goldfish Parade - Leaving

Beirut Jam Sessions - Rover - Lou

Beirut Jam Sessions - Pony Pony Run Run & Goldfish Parade - Come back to me

Beirut Jam Sessions - Rama's Whisper - Dancin' on the hillside

Beirut Jam Sessions - Rover & Hamed Sinno - Queen of the fools

Postcards - Oh the places we will go

Made to Change - Ruby Coast (Official Music Video)

Dinosaur Bones - 'N.Y.E.' (Official Music Video)

Graham Wright - Birds Of A Feather (Official Music Video)

Still Life Still - Half Porcelain | Great Heart Festival 2013

Música de Bolso - Letuce - Seresta Quentinha

João Bernardo (Dinda) - Queria Me Enjoar de Você

Filarmônica de Pasárgada - O SEU TIPO (CLIPE OFICIAL)

sábado, 7 de setembro de 2013

One Week Of Danger - The Virgins

First Aid Kit - King Of The World

AnnieIce - No Regrets

Tyler Burkum - End of the Road

Mad World - Gary Jules

Donnie Darko... Um filme, uma música!

Second Life Replay

Allyson Ezell - Pick It Up (Directors: The Parallax Corporation)

Sam Brookes - In Weeks

Fanfarlo | The Walls Are Coming Down

The Antlers - "Two" (Official Music Video)

WOODS - To clean (FD session)

Ducktails - Hamilton Road

Heal the Last Stand - Sailor / Soul Shanty

Roo Panes - Open Road

Roo Panes - Open Road

Matisyahu - Sunshine (Acoustic)

Polock - Fireworks - A BXS Take Away Show

Polock - Fireworks - A BXS Take Away Show

Ryan O'Reilly - Boats Against the Current | Live in Bellwoods

Inlet Sound - Mademoiselle | Live in Bellwoods 24

The Balconies - Black Cat - [Live in Bellwoods NXNE picnic 2011] Day 2

Maylee Todd - Heart Throb | Live in Bellwoods 12

Harvey Danger- Little Round Mirrors

domingo, 1 de setembro de 2013

The Girl - City and Colour (Official Video HD)

Benjamin Gibbard - Lily

Nico Stai - One October Song

Marbert Rocel - My Bed

Billie Tweddle - You Make My Dreams (Cover) - Ont' Sofa Gibson Sessions

Jakarta Club - Undertones // Mahogany Session

Skunk Anansie - Secretly (uncut)

We Trust - "Once at a Time" ao vivo

Tristen - Battle of The Gods | Live in Bellwoods NXNE picnic

Gramercy Riffs - Dreamin | Live in Bellwoods NXNE picnic